Kate's Give Back

Kate's Give Back

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With your help, we have raised £1,550 in honour & memory of Kate.


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Sadly, our beloved General Manager - Kate Tyler passed away on Tuesday 09th May 2019. Kate was a force of nature and inspiration to all mountain warriors. A giant character with an even bigger heart - she was a unique and special person with the most infectious determination. Her antics and adventures on the mountain tops, caves, and icy cold swimming spots gained much attention and respect, yet her high and exacting standards off of the hills are globally recognised within the outdoor sector. 25+ years in the game, up and down the nation, all around the Lake District, there was nothing she did not know about the industry. From a small outdoor shop in Carlisle as a teenager to becoming the manager at The Epicentre in 2012 – Kate’s vision, energy and drive will forever stand out. Whilst brutally honest at times, she always supported her team and those around her, filling them with encouragement and kindness.  Kate is irreplaceable as a manager, a buyer, and a friend. Our very own jewel of the North. We have lost someone who meant so much to so many of us in so many great ways.

Kate Tyler

As an active caver, mountaineer, wild camper and swimmer, Kate always tried to support and give back to the outdoor community. Over the years – and under Kate’s direction – The Epicentre has raised thousands of pounds inside the store for vital charities and volunteer/community-based organisations including the Coniston Mountain Rescue Team (CMRT) and Langdale & Ambleside Mountain Rescue Team (LAMRT). Both are a vital organisation that operates here in the heart of the Lake District – the busiest mountain areas within the UK, responding to hundreds of incidents per year. They are both self-funded charities dependent on donations and the dedication of professional volunteers who wish to support, enable and respond to the needs of the mountain community. Kate was also an iconic figure within the mining/caving community, recognised for her arduous solo missions, personal collection of mining memorabilia, and passion for conserving its deep heritage. Part of Kate’s commitment included supporting the Cumbria Ore Mines Rescue Unit; a representative body that is part of the British Cave Rescue Council (BCRC). They have offered crucial national/international training, guidance and first-hand response to the rescue and escape for mine workers and recreational users for over 50 years.


With your help and generosity, we have been able to give back to the charities/organisations that were close to her heart. Our donation to Coniston Mountain Rescue Team (CMRT), Langdale & Ambleside Mountain Rescue Team (LAMRT) and Cumbria Ore Mines Rescue Unit will help towards the vital work and support they provide to many.


Go in peace Kate in the knowledge that you were much loved and admired by us all.


*Donations include in-store and our website only, excluding sales made through Amazon and Ebay.