Earn It

24th May 2021 by

Relish the challenge. Feel alive beneath epic skies. Among wild, dramatic landscapes. Hill walk by headtorch and moonlight. Race across rugged fells. Scramble high on rocky, windswept peaks. Explore wherever your sense of adventure takes you. Savour every magical moment. You earnt it!

For our Spring/Summer photoshoot we headed up to Borrowdale, with our friends from Herdy Campervans, for two fully packed days of fun, hard work and exploration.

2 people scrambling up unpathed fells

Whilst putting our new season gear to the test out on the hills, we explored the idea of ‘earning’ those magical moments that arise from being outdoors and in nature. 

Hiker jumping over stream at bottom of waterfall

As we delved deeper into this idea, we quickly discovered that the way you earn that joy from being outdoors differs greatly between people.  For some, this will take the form of pushing personal limits, striving to go further and faster.  The satisfaction comes from knowing you tried your hardest and ‘earnt’ that viewpoint at the end.  For others, the joy comes from a life lived outdoors.  From watching early morning sunrises to discovering new places and sharing experiences.

Two swimmers changing at sunrise

Ultimately, how you get there isn’t important, just that you do.

Afterall, every adventure begins with you. Big or small. Close to home or far beyond. Whether its summitting your first mountain, completing an epic trail run, braving cold waters for a wild swim or simply sitting around a campfire at the end of a long day, with a beer and good friends – these are the moments to cherish.

Group of friends sitting by river laughing and enjoying the moment

We don’t seek to be the best or the most extreme – we seek to be present and enjoy those moments in time that we wouldn’t otherwise have had if hadn’t put ourselves out there; those moments we earnt.

You earnt this moment.

Wild camping with views over Keswick
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