Footwear - The Power of Perfect Fit

6th April 2021 by

The purpose of a shoe is provide comfort and protect your feet from the ground; allowing you to go on great adventures. When a shoe does not meet this goal, it’s most likely to sit at the bottom of a shoe rack living a solitary life. Or worse, you push through discomfort to put the shoe to some use. This can lead to soreness or serious injury when worn over a long period. A well fitted shoe means you can run the distance you want, walk over technical terrain, or even just survive day to day tasks in comfort.

2 walkers walking over rough terrain in boots

At the Epicentre, we value the power of a perfect fit and have refined our services to help you find what you need. We offer fits for all kind of shoes, such as: hiking boots, fell running shoes, trail running shoes, sandals, waterproof shoes and more.

We are offering FREE one to one professional boot fitting appointments. This involves quality time with a specialist looking at the following:



Your measurements will be taken using our Sidas measuring station. This reveals important information about the length, width and arches in your feet.

Standing on a Sidas foot measurement machine


We have a friendly chat with you to find out and listen to individual needs. We are careful not to go off the technical analysis alone…You know your feet better than anyone and we will give you time to talk with our specialists and really get a feel for the shoes.

Shop expert checking feet against insole


You may not be the same size in all brands and that can be an intimidating minefield. Our staff are knowledgeable of the various fits and can help to guide you in the right direction. We offer a good range covering wide fit boots as well as narrower, to give you a nice selection.

Fitting a Salewa walking boot


Insoles can help cater towards more specific needs. We have a diverse range, to assist with a range of foot issues.

Shop staff demonstrating insoles


Once you leave us, we want to make sure your shoes will meet great expectations long term. It is often valuable to talk to our specialists about after-care to ensure long and sustainable use.

Shop staff discussing boot fitting with customer

We are now taking appointments from 12th April.  Book online or give us a call.




Although we recommend seeing one of our specialists, if you’re unable to make it into our store, it could be worth reading through our Boot Fitting Guide, to help you get that perfect fit from home.





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