Sustainable Christmas

22nd November 2019 by

"I'm dreaming of a Green Christmas..."

The festive season is fast approaching and as we look to spoil our loved ones with gifts they’ll love, its hard to ignore the amount of waste Christmas brings with it. Whether that’s plastic-coated wrapping paper or gifts that use virgin materials, it seems almost impossible to have a zero-waste Christmas. Fear not! We have put together our guide to having a greener, more eco-friendly Christmas. We’re going to give you tips and tricks to making your Christmas more sustainable.

Wrapping paper

It is estimated that 227,000 miles of wrapping paper are thrown away during the festive season, with most of this going to landfill.

Green alternatives-

  • Use brown paper that is recyclable- Brown doesn’t have to be boring, you can decorate with ribbon, hand draw onto the paper or even use clippings from your garden to give it a more earthy feel
  • Use a basket- this can be used again and again by the receiver
  • Hessian fabric- much similar to the brown paper, decorate to add your own touch and these can be used year after year
Brown wrapping paper can be recycled for Christmas presents


It can seem difficult to cut the plastic when it comes to decorations, most baubles and house decorations are made from plastic but if you’re using them year after year this will help to reduce your waste.

Green alternatives-

  • Make your own Christmas wreath- with a little bit of foraging and planning you can make your own, beautiful Christmas wreath, with the only cost being gardening wire. All you’ll need is some willow branches and whatever you want to decorate the wreath with.
  • Dried fruit- from these you can make tree decorations or garlands, you’ll need some twine and a couple hours for the fruit to dry in the oven!
make your own christmas wreath to cut down on plastic

Christmas lights

Both on the outside of the house and on the tree, normal bulbs are not particularly energy efficient and can be on for many hours a day.

Green alternatives-

  • Switch to LED- make the switch to save up to 95% energy than normal bulbs
  • Consider using less- maybe this year only have a small string of lights on the outside of the house instead of multiple lights.
Use LED Christmas lights to reduce energy

Christmas tree

Plastic or real? It’s a tough decision and one that divides opinion. With plastic you can keep it for years, but its normally made with harsh chemicals, real trees are great but can be a pain to get rid of if you don’t have a garden waste bin.

Green alternatives-

  • Donate to help sand dunes- if you live near the coast there are plenty of places looking for old Christmas trees to help prevent the erosion of sand dunes. Research your local area to see if you can help
  • Create space for wildlife- if you have sufficient garden space you can chop your tree into smaller pieces and leave in a pile in the corner of the garden. This will encourage wildlife into the garden by creating a shelter.
Real Christmas trees cut down on plastic


Finding items that are kinder to the environment can be difficult, sustainable clothing is growing in popularity so it can be tricky to know how your present may help the planet.

Green alternatives-

  • Shop responsibly- here at the Epicentre we have a dedicated home to all things recycled, sustainable and ethically manufactured.
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