Osprey Archeon and Arcane

15th November 2019 by

Forged in the wild

Brand new for 2020, we are delighted to be one of the few retailers to be selling the Osprey 2020 Archeon and Arcane range.

Crafted for the outdoors, both ranges beautifully blend environmentalism and essentialism to give you a range that is minimalist yet built for every adventure.


The Archeon range comes in both men’s and women’s versions, ranging from an impressive 70-litre capacity in the men’s range and a 65-litre capacity in the women’s range, ideal for those multi-day trips out on the wilderness, all the way down to the more compact 20-litre capacity for those shorter trips where only a few essentials are needed.

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Archeon range from Osprey at the Epicentre


Designed for both the urban and rural explorer, the Arcane range is created for those who spend their weeks in the town and their weekends out on the hillside. With all the quality you expect from Osprey, this range comes in a stunning set of colours and hide a multitude of handy pockets and features.

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The Arcane range from Osprey at the Epicentre

Take a peek inside the two bags below to find out more about their features...

Osprey Archeon 45

Archeon 45  Mens
£ 220.00 £ 154.00
Sorry, this product is not currently available.

Archeon 25 Women's

Archeon 25 Womens
£ 150.00 £ 105.00

Osprey Arcane Large Day

Arcane Large Day
£ 80.00 £ 56.00
Sorry, this product is not currently available.

Arcane Tote

Arcane Tote
£ 90.00 £ 81.00
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