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30th August 2019 by

This season we want to inspire you to make every day an adventure.

This season we want to inspire you to make every day an adventure. Because life isn’t a competition.  It’s not about ticking boxes or showing off.  You don’t have to travel to far flung places, climb the tallest mountains or commit to immense feats of human endurance to be an adventurer.  It’s about taking those small moments, when you can, to get outside and take pleasure in the natural beauty around you.

Cowboy Camping on a micro adventure

I’m sure many of us dream of taking a month, 6 months or even a year off work to take on some epic challenge or adventure.  But, for most of us at least, this isn’t an option.  We have commitments; work, a mortgage, children, pets.  There are so many barriers to getting outside in day to day life and we can often be our own worst enemies when it comes to making time.

But we want you to know that you can make adventure a part of your life. 

Over the coming months we’re going to explore ways to build adventure into everyday life.  From micro adventures and trying new things to changing habits attitudes we’ll look at making adventure an every day reality through a series of blog posts, kit guides and competitions.

So what’s coming?

Micro Adventures – Frustrated with the 9-5 grind? Rather than your usual after work routine, have you considered sleeping under the stars? Walk, cycle or drive to your favourite spot, set up camp for the night, then get back to work for 9am, revitalised and ready for a new day.  We’ll look at ideas for what to do and where to go, advice on how to make it work for you and the kit you’ll need.


Access For All – What’s stopping you from getting outside? Lack of fitness or confidence, don’t have the necessary skills and experience, mobility issues, young children?  There’s always a reason not to, but you can always find ways around those reasons. We’ll look at ways to make it work for you because the outdoors is for everyone. 

Trying Something New – There’s nothing more adventurous than trying something completely new.  Whether it be wild swimming, mountain biking or learning to navigate so you can be more self sufficient, we’ll look at safety tips and advice and ways to make it happen.

Small Pleasures – Finding time to get outside can often be the hardest part.  But by making small changes to your daily habits, you can find ways to build adventure into your lifestyle.  Whether it’s getting up early to catch that sunrise or swapping the car for a bike for your commute, we look at ways to make small pleasure a daily reality.

Wild Swimming

Doggy Adventures – Life’s always an adventure with a dog in tow.  So why not take your furry friends out an about on some sensory experience for you both to enjoy.  Get the kit and inspiration you need to make it happen. 

Urban Adventures – Not everyone has the luxury of living within easy reach of the countryside, so getting out into the great outdoors isn’t always an option.  Instead, you can take advantage local parks for green spaces or try and urban hike to get you outside and exploring.

Because what’s the best adventure for you?  One you actually do. 

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