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‘Our purpose is to revitalize our environment and inspire a generation to believe that they can do the same.’

We’re so proud to introduce our newest brand, tentree.

tentree are a sustainably focussed lifestyle and outdoor clothing brand that plant ten trees for every item sold.

With a bold mission to plant 1 billion trees by 2030, tentree want to become the most environmentally progressive brand on the planet.

Nepalese tree planter

Currently working on over 20 projects in 10 countries, they have planted over 30 million trees so far.

Tree Planting

Focussed on more than just planting trees, tentree want to change lives.  Reforestation replenishes soil and creates oxygen whilst directly benefitting the local communities being planted in buy creating jobs, food and fuel.

By partnering with not-for-profits across the globe, tentree are able to identify areas where the most benefit will come from their projects and plant indigenous species to replenish ecosystems.

tentree’s largest planting project is currently in Madagascar, where the restoration of devasted mangroves has bought back declining fish populations providing a source of food for local people.

Mangrove Planting Madagascar

tentree Bowren Button Up LS Mens Bowren Plaid Moss

Bowren Button Up LS Mens
£ 89.00 £ 49.00
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tentree Yale Pant Mens Rubber Brown

Yale Pant Mens
£ 89.00 £ 59.00
Sorry, this product is not currently available.

Tree Tags

Every piece of clothing comes with a unique tag, printed with your individual tree code.  You can register this code on the tentree website and track where your trees will be planted.  The more codes you register, the more information you are given about your trees and their impact.

tentree token

Eco Materials

tentree’s commitment to sustainability isn’t limited to planting trees.  Every item of clothing is made using a blend of sustainable, eco-friendly materials so they feel as good as they look!

Recycled polyester – Made using recycled plastic bottles and PET manufacturing waste that is turned into polyester fibres.  Recycled polyester is estimated to reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 75% compared to virgin polyester and prevents waste plastic going into landfill.

Organic Cotton – Traditional cotton is grown using chemicals or pesticides which have the potential to affect the quality of the soil, water and air.  tentree only use certified organic cotton so you can be safe in the knowledge that your products are not contributing to the use of these harsh chemicals.

Hemp – Grown without the use of any pesticides, hemp is one of the most sustainable fibres around.  It’s strong, UV resistant and anti-microbial so great for outdoor clothing.

TencelTM Lyocell – A wonder fibre made from Eucalyptus trees, which are fast growing, require no pesticides and only need a fifth of the land required to produce cotton.  The manufacturing process uses 100% renewable energy and uses 80% less water than traditional fibres.  It’s also soft against the skin, cooling and naturally anti-microbial.

Cork – Used instead of leather for trimming on clothing and accessories.  Made by stripping bark from sustainably grown cork trees which promotes growth and increases the trees lifespan.

tentree Small Tree 3.25 LS Womens Aubergine

Small Tree 3.25 LS Womens
£ 39.00 £ 22.00
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tentree Juniper SS Tee Womens Aubergine Purple Heather

Juniper Classic T-Shirt Womens
£ 34.00
Sorry, this product is not currently available.
Manufacturing process


Championing social responsibility through ethical manufacturing processes, tentree is committed to fair labour practices.  Their entire supply chain is WRAP approved, meaning factories are independently evaluated and certified to ensure they meet the highest standards.

Tree planting

tentree Peak Cap Dark Ocean Blue Heather

Peak Hat
£ 29.90
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tentree Elevation Hat Northern Juniper

6-Panel Elevation Hat
£ 29.90
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tentree 3-Bottle Daily Sock (2-pack) Alpine Trees Pack

3-Bottle Daily Sock (2-pack)
£ 18.90
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tentree 2-Bottle Ankle Sock (2-pack) Foliage Camo Pack

2-Bottle Ankle Sock (2-pack)
£ 17.90
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Become a tree planter today!

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