Exped Adventure review the Sherpa Baruntse down jacket

15th March 2014 by

As International Mountain Leaders, we are drawn to efficiency in a product. Often transporting vast amounts of kit, having the right gear at the right moment to cover as many possible eventualities is key. How strong, how fast, how light; we look for the quickest and slickest at the best possible price.

We value the importance of appearance – having reliable kit helps to set a standard for clients, building confidence in our leadership and an identity for our team. If it looks good and it feels good then we can perform; we can be certain in its unfailing ability to serve to the boundaries of its possibility and beyond. A first impression of sleek design and sophisticated range of colours from Sherpa with the Baruntse Down Jacket let us know that if nothing else, this product would provide a valuable contribution to support our efforts establishing a high-quality professional image.

Whilst providing that crucial warmth when it’s needed the most – we have used it both as a thermal layer for the sub-zero conditions of the Moroccan Atlas and as mid-layer for on-piste skiing in the Polish Tatras – the material combination also breaths extremely well. It eradicates the chances of overheating whilst regulating temperature faster than its synthetic rivals.

All this is achieved without compromise – we found that the Baruntse jacket could be packed down into a small dry bag the size of two clenched fists and still remain light, a real selling feature for when we are carrying both personal and group equipment as it really saves on weight, an invaluable feature for our most recent Atlas Mountain expedition.

The jacket has great hood-helmet compatibility and is easily adjusted. Combined with a supple, unrestrictive fit, it has lent itself suitably to a range of exploits, from use as a belay jacket climbing in Cumbria to coping with the rigours of the height of Scottish Winter. Decent sized chest pockets proved extremely useful with their ease of accessibility, a welcome attribute both when wearing gloves or a climbing harness.

As with any down jacket, there is always some doubt as to whether it can survive a good clean on the return from the hills. With the Sherpa Baruntse Jacket, there is no need for hesitancy – it washes and relofts without any hassle when following the correct procedure.

Design and performance combined, Sherpa have once again excelled themselves in producing a high-quality product and, as ever, we really identify with the company ethos of sustainably supporting the locals who have made so many trips, both modern and old, so successful.

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