Latest Clearance Deals - A Summary

11th December 2013 by

We’ve recently had a flurry of deliveries at The Epicentre, so we thought we’d summarise what deals are in store at the moment. For those of you that love to rummage on our top floor, then a blog post will never imitate that sense of discovery you get when finding a bargain. But if you don’t get to visit us often, all these special prices are available online, so read on….!


Clearance Sale on Sherpa Down Jackets

A couple of weeks ago we landed a truck full of Patagonia gear at clearance prices. Special offers on Patagonia gear always go down well, so you’ll happy to know that this current crop is upto 50% off and is available in most sizes.

Shortly after that we had all hands on deck to carry boxes and boxes of Sherpa Adventure Gear up to the clearance floor. We bought A LOT of this stock at a bargain price including some timely discounts on top-end down jackets.


Royal Robbins sample sale

Finally this week we managed to squeeze in ex-sample stock from Royal Robbins. This is the Royal Robbins winter range, which we don’t normally stock, so if you like their summer trek and travel gear you may well find a hidden gem in this lot. We have hoodies, fleeces, skirts, shirts and jackets starting from £10 each! 

If you love a bargain, help us out – our clearance floor is bursting at the seams!!

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