A Delightful Summer Evening at Black Crag

21st April 2013 by

Some of you may have read Matt Foot’s recent blog ‘Beating the 9 to 5’ – if not, do, it’s inspiring!  Well it got to us at The Epicentre.  Saturday is just another work day in retail, and while many people use the weekend to get their rocks off we decided it was the night to get on the rock.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, and the evening was no different.  You don’t get tired of the beauty of the Lake District, and it was worth going out late purely for the drive up Wrynose Pass, with the low sun giving the sheep unnaturally long shadows and golden fleeces.

At the summit of the pass we opened the car doors and the warm glow of the evening sun was swept away in a single howling gust of wind.  Oh well.  Living here teaches you to pack Primaloft, whatever the weather looks like!  And it did look amazing.

A 25 minute walk in seems long when the sun is on it’s way down, but the views from Black Crag were worth it.  Only a couple of routes were climbed, and half of us simply sat around and drank a beer.  It wasn’t really about the climbing, it was more a welcome party for summer.

black crag
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