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Whether your approaching a new crag, a new pub or the campsite toilets, we have the ideal Women's Approach Shoe for every occassion. With Women's Approach Shoes from Scarpa and Five Ten, there are plenty of styles, colours and fit to suit every foot.


Approach shoes have become the staple addition to every climber's, scrambler's, walker's and even mountain biker's arsenal. With sticky rubber, stiffer midsoles and robust uppers, our range of Women's Approach Shoes are designed to withstand the rigours of long walk-ins over rough terrains, scrambles over questionable ground to reach belays and never-ending descents in the setting sun. To take you from carpark to crag top via technical ground in style and comfort, a good approach shoe needs to be stiff, supportive and provide great friction on grass, gravel, mud and rock.



Here at The Epicentre, we try and stock a great range of shoes from some of the most popular manufacturer's of both rock and approach shoes to ensure you get the performance you require.


An increasing number of walkers and scramblers are turning to to the approach shoe for it's lightweight performance over mixed ground, giving more versatility and comfort than a traditional stiff boot. Great for scrambling, light hiking and pushing hard on the pedals.


And no outdoorsy look is complete without a pair of ragged approach shoes!


Sizing and fit is very variable between brands and within ranges so we always recommend trying footwear on before buying. We realise this is not always possible so if you have any questions regarding Women's Approach Shoes, fit, sizing, care or our returns policy, don't hesitate to get in touch.

FIVETEN Camp Four Women's
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FIVETEN Guide Tennie Leather Women's
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SALOMON X Alp Spry Women's

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SCARPA Highball Women's

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SCARPA Moraine Plus GTX Women's

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