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Wherever you're going, we can point you in the right direction. With a range of Compasses from Silva at The Epicentre, there is set up to suit your adventure. They never run out of batteries, they are easy to read in any light and weigh a lot less than you're average GPS!


From simple and easy to use entry-level options such as the Starter 8, to more versatile and comprehensive offerings such as the Expedition 4.


As with all aspects of outdoor equipment, it is only as good as your knowledge of how to use it. We recommend seeking guidance on the correct use of any aspect of navigation equipment.


Just in case you are wondering:


1. Place the compass on the map with the edge of the compass aligned  to the desired direction of travel, with the arrow on the baseplate pointing the way you wish to go.


2. Rotate the housing so that it points north on the map, with N-S lines on the housing parallel to the N-S lines on the map. If you are following this bearing for any length of time, adjust it by 2 more degrees to allow for magnetic variation.

3. Hold the compass horizontally in front of you and turn yourself and the compass until the red end of the needle settles into the north arrow on the baseplate. The direction in which the arrow on the baselplate points, is the direction in which you need to go.


4. Rinse and repeat as necessary (as your path wanders, ridges change direction or new waymarks present themselves etc).



If you have any questions regarding Compasses and navigation at The Epicentre, please don't hesitate to contact us.

SILVA Expedition 4 Compass

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