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Here at The Epicentre we have a great range of Ropes and Cord for a variety of uses from Edelweiss and Tendon.


Edelweiss have been making ropes for a long time and have always been innovators in the field. Edelweiss introduced the first ever sheath/core construction rope in 1953, a design quickly adopted and still used by all other major manufacturers.


Durability, quality  and above all, safety are key to the Edelweiss design ethic, with a great range of ropes for everything from cutting-edge sport routes, all-day trad outings and tricky scrambles.


Single - A single rope can be used on its own, it has the shock-absorbancy and strength to withstand a leader fall. Usually used where ropedrag is less of a problem, particularly sport routes with bolted protection or indoors.


Half - A half rope is designed to be used as part of a pair and as such can help reduce ropedrag. Narrower than a single, they absorb more of the impact of a fall (more stretch) and so reduce the impact on gear. Half ropes are typically used on traditional routes with wandering lines but are also commonly used on winter or alpine routes.


Confidence -A confidence rope is usually just a short length of lightweight half rope. Used in situations where a fall is not expected but the comfort of a rope aids movement over tricky ground. Great for scrambles and ridges where exposure can be a real psychological barrier.


Our range of Tendon cords are a great way of securing loads to a bike pack, fixing errant guy lines or making up prussiks and bail tat. We sell buy the metre and cut to any desired length.


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Climbing is an inherently dangerous sport and any equipment bought is only as good as the knowledge of the person using it.


Once sold, we are unable to accept any returns of safety equipment under PPE Regulations unless it is regarding a fault in the equipment.


If you are in any doubt, please contact us for further advice.

TENDON ROPES Tendon Cord 6mm

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