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Better than tying in round your waist, a harness is the link between you and the rope.


From mountaineering and alpine harness such as the Black Diamond Alpine Bod to rugged all rounders such as The Momentum AL via lightweight sport climbing harness, we have it all here at The Epicentre.


Check out the new range of Arc'teryx harnesses for the latest in fabric technology where lightweight performance reaches new heights and old favourites given a makeover such as the Black Diamond Primrose AL.


As with all Climbing Equipment, a harness is only as good as your knowledge of how to use it and we always recommend seeking professional guidance before tying in.


If you have any questions regarding Harnesses at The Epicentre, please get in touch.

ARCTERYX AR-385a Harness Women's
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ARCTERYX SL-340 Harness Unisex
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