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These things keep you stuck to ice and snow when nothing else will! With a great range of Crampons here at The Epicentre from Black Diamond and Grivel, there is sure to be a binding, point-number and flexibility to suit you and your needs.


As with all climbing equipment, it is only as good as your knowledge of how to use it, we always recommend seeking professional instruction before going out and throwing yourself at a snowy hill.

Not all boots are crampon compatible, check each boot's specification to ensure that it is safe to use a crampon and which type of crampon, with your boot.


Many manufacturer's use the term C1, C2, C3 to describe crampon compatibility (relating to the boot categorisation of B1, B2, B3) but with recent changes in technology, more and more boots and crampons blur those categories. While this is still a useful guide, it is still worth checking the compatibility i.e. stiffness and binding of each boot and crampon combination.


We have outlined below the 3 main types of binding found in crampons:

Grivel New Classic
These have flexible plastic front and back bails, making them ideal for fitting to hiking boots or approach shoes without special crampon grooves. They can also be used on any boot with crampon grooves. These crampons often come with flexible bars to move with the flex of the boot. It is possible to swap these bars for more or less flexible alternatives, depending on the boots to be used. If a crampon is too rigid for the boot it is at risk of coming loose. (C1)

Grivel New Matic
Black Diamond Clip
These have a flexible plastic toe bail and a rigid, adjustable heel bail. These will only fit onto boots that have a groove on the heel. These tend to fit more rigid boots, intended for more sustained use on a variety of angled terrain, ice and snow as well as some mixed ground. (C2)

Full Rigid Binding
Grivel Cramp-O-Matic
Black Diamond Pro
These have rigid heel and toe bails, meaning they will only fit onto B3 boots with a groove on both the toe and heel. These will only fit rigid boots such as the Scarpa Phantom Guide and are designed for use on steep water ice and mixed climbing. (C3)


Number of points - The more points, the more bits that can stick in the ice and snow, making for a secure footing but this adds weight, many more technical crampons now only have one (mono) point which is ideal for marginal mixed placements.


All crampons are unisex, adjustable lengths mean they should fit a wide range of shoe sizes. Shorter and longer bars are available to extend or shorten if needed.


If you have any questions regarding Crampons, size or our returns policy, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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