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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Which Axe?

Choosing the right axe is key to getting the most out of your winter adventuring. With so many to choose from on the market its worth spending some time to consider the options. What to consider: Length – As a rule, shorter axes are better suited to steeper ground whereas a walking axe should be longer (as a guide, a … Continue reading

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Gimmer Crag

It has been quite mixed weather in the Lake District for the past few days; the forecasted “heatwave” seems to have bypassed us completely, leaving only drizzle and short sunny spells. With the best forecast for Thursday we decided to head to the fairly reliable Gimmer crag in Langdale with its multiple faces and exposure to the wind meaning that … Continue reading

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Expedition Africa

Having had a month off from ‘normal’ work, here are a few words to justify my lengthy absence. Moonlighting as a freelance expedition leader, I have just returned from a 28 day expedition to Malawi & Tanzania. This was the third expedition I have led for Outlook Expeditions. The primary role of an expedition leader is to ensure the team’s … Continue reading

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Young, wet and stupid

Did I really manage to sleep through all that rain and thunder this morning? To be fair the night out in Bowness probably didn’t help. During the day the weather couldn’t really make its mind up, sunny for a few minutes before the grey clouds closed in again. Understandably no one wanted to climb, but by 6pm I was home, … Continue reading

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