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Edelweiss Performance 9.2: Review


Having just returned from an extended sport climbing trip to northern Spain, I thought I would take this opportunity to review the Edelweiss Performance 9.2mm rope, which was one of two Edelweiss ropes we used extensively throughout the trip.


The first thing to mention is just how durable this thing was, when buying a super skinny sport rope like this, usually the first question people ask is how well is it going to wear. Thanks to Edelweiss’ sharp edge test, super-everdry treatment and perdur impregnation, these ropes really can take a battering.  In fact, even after 3 months of daily use, dogging up draws and getting thrown around the crag/van the usual signs of wear on a sport rope (the end 5mtrs) were not apparent. I was really surprised at this as I’ve had experiences with a lot of other top rope manufacturers, on much thicker ropes where they’ve started to show signs of wear after just a few sessions. I strongly believe the performance would outlast many other brands 10.5mm ropes!!!!


So, top marks to Edelweiss on that front.


I also found the rope to be nice and stiff, in particular when dogging up the rope to get to a high point. I find it so frustrating when trying to rest at a position when working a route, but the stretch in a rope wont allow you to do so. Dynamic ropes are fantastic for low impact force on gear, however I feel the stiffness in the Edelweiss range really helps when sports climbing and also adds to the ropes longevity.


Edelweiss have been making sheath/core construction ropes for 60 years now, which is made obvious from the very first time you tie-in.  They have a very robust feel to them and the company prides itself on making durable, reliable ropes.

Overall my personal experiences with Edelweiss has been extremely good.  As mentioned above, I feel their durability and handling are the best on the market and they’re great value for money.

Review written by Liam Taylor.


Edelweiss sharp test explanation.


“EDELWEISS was the first climbing rope maker to bring Sharp Edge Resistant ropes. These ropes are able to resist a factor two fall on a sharp edge of 0,75mm radius (industry norm-5mm radius). This is one major safety element”.


In 1991 Edelweiss launched PERDUR, a newly developed impregnation providing the rope with extreme long term abrasion protection; wear life of the sheath is dramatically increased.


Comparative statistics:


· Impact force factor 1, 77: Single 8.2kN half 6,0kN Twin 9,5kN


·  Weight : 53 g/m


·  Number of falls factor 1,77 : Single 5 Half 20 Twin +25


·  Diameter : 9,2 mm


·  Mountaineering : Ok


·  Static elongation : Single 8% Half 8% Twin 7%


·  First fall elongation : Single 37% Half 32% Twin 29%





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